Value Investing in Sectors Where AA UNION CAPITAL Has Proven Expertise, Applying private equity disciplines to maximize value and drive returns in infrastructure assets.

  • Transport

  • Energy & Utilities

  • Communications

  • Infrastructure Health


Investment Focus – Rail

Energy & Utilities

Investment Opportunity


Investment Opportunity

Infrastructure Health

Investment Opportunity

Integrated Investment Process

AA Union Capital Employs a Consistent, Robust and Exhaustive Approach to its Investment Processes

Identify opportunities & preliminary due diligence

Identify opportunities & preliminary due diligence

  • Weekly team meeting with rigorous screening based on
    – Relative attractiveness
    – Compliance with investment strategy
    – ESG analysis
    – Portfolio fit (diversification across currency, sectors, risks)
    – Value-add opportunities
    – Competitive landscape
    – Resources
  • Peer review brings diverse perspectives/objectivity
  • Appropriate sector specialist/asset management involvement

Creating Value through Active Asset Management

Combining a private equity approach with AA UNION CAPITAL’s strong infrastructure heritage to drive value

Driving value creation within the individual portfolio company

  • Identifying and executing value accretive acquisitions

  • Selection of high calibre non-executive directors

  • Operational efficiency improvements

  • Management team selection, development and incentivisation

  • Optimising business planning

  • Driving strategic direction

  • Leading contract negotiations

  • Growth projects

  • Capital management and structuring

  • Influencing other shareholders

Proactive and consistent application of AA Union Capital’s infrastructure heritage approach drives value across the portfolio

  • Asset transition plans and 100 day plans

  • Unified approach to HR strategies

  • Portfolio synergies

  • Joint ventures to harness strengths across investors

  • Cyber security

  • Imbedding ESG considerations

  • Tax optimisation

  • Developing and implementing hedging strategies

  • Procurement expertise


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